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prolapse (pro-laps´)

1. To sink down, said of an organ or other part. 2. A sinking of an organ or other part, especially its appearance at a natural or artificial orifice. See also procidentia, ptosis. [L. prolapsus, a falling]
p. of the corpus luteum ectropion of the corpus luteum, due to eversion of the granulosa membrane through the opening in the ruptured follicle; this occurs normally in certain animals.
mitral valve p. excessive retrograde movement of one or both mitral valve leaflets into the left atrium during left ventricular systole, often allowing mitral regurgitation; responsible for the click-murmur of Barlow syndrome, and rarely may be due to rheumatic carditis, a connective tissue disorder such as Marfan's syndrome or ruptured chorda tendinea ("flail mitral leaflet").
Morgagni's p. chronic inflammation of Morgagni's ventricle.
p. of umbilical cord presentation of part of the umbilical cord ahead of the fetus; it may cause fetal death due to compression of the cord between the presenting part of the fetus and the maternal pelvis.
p. of the uterus downward movement of the uterus due to laxity and atony of the muscular and fascial structures of the pelvic floor, usually resulting from injuries of childbirth or advanced age; p. occurs in three forms; first degree p. , the cervix of the prolapsed uterus is well within the vaginal orifice; second degree p. , the cervix is at or near the introitus; third degree p. (procidentia uteri), the cervix protrudes well beyond the vaginal orifice.descensus uteri, falling of the womb;
valvular p. click syndrome


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