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prosthesis, pl. prostheses (pros´the-sis, -sez; pros-the´sis)

Fabricated substitute for a diseased or missing part of the body. [G. an addition]
cardiac valve p. See valve (2).
cochlear p. cochlear implant
definitive p. a dental p. to be used over a prescribed period of time.
dental p. an artificial replacement of one or more teeth and/or associated structures. See also denture.
heart valve p. replacement of a cardiac valve removed for disease by either a mechanical or a biologically derived artificial valve.
hybrid p. overlay denture
mandibular guide p. a p. with an extension designed to direct a resected mandible into a functional relation with the maxilla.
ocular p. an artificial eye or implant.
provisional p. an interim dental p. worn for varying periods of time.
surgical p. an appliance prepared as an aid or as a part of a surgical proceeding, such as a heart valve or cranial plate.
testicular p. testicular implant
tilting disc valve p. a low profile artificial heart valve with excellent flow characteristics.


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