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psychoanalysis (sI´ko-a-nal´i-sis)

1. A method of psychotherapy, originated by Freud, designed to bring preconscious and unconscious material to consciousness primarily through the analysis of transference and resistance.psychoanalytic therapy; See also freudian p. 2. A method of investigating the human mind and psychological functioning, interpretations of resistances, and the patient's emotional reactions to the analyst plus use of free association and dream analysis in the psychoanalytic situation. 3. An integrated body of observations and theories on personality development, motivation, and behavior. 4. An institutionalized school of psychotherapy, as in jungian or freudian p. [psycho- + analysis]
active p. p. in which the analyst intervenes directly and actively in the patient's life, e.g., by making prohibitions, assigning tasks.
adlerian p. individual psychology
freudian p. the theory and practice of p. and psychotherapy as developed by Freud, based on: 1) his theory of personality, which postulates that psychic life is made up of instinctual and socially acquired forces, or the id, the ego, and a superego, each of which must constantly accommodate to the other; 2) his discovery that the free association technique of verbalizing for the analyst all thoughts without censoring any of them is the therapeutic tactic which reveals the areas of conflict within a patient's personality; 3) that the vehicle for gaining this insight and next, on this basis, readjusting one's personality is the learning a patient does as he first develops a stormy emotional bond with the analyst (transference relationship) and next successfully learns to break his bond.
jungian p. the theory of psychopathology and the practice of psychotherapy, according to the principles of Jung, which utilizes a system of psychology and psychotherapy emphasizing man's symbolic nature, and differs from freudian p. especially in placing less significance upon instinctual (sexual) urges.analytical psychology;


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