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punctum, gen. puncti, pl. puncta (pungk´tum, -tI, -ta) [NA]

1. The tip of a sharp process. 2. A minute round spot differing in color or otherwise in appearance from the surrounding tissues. 3. A point on the optic axis of an optical system. See also point.point (1); [L. a prick, point, pp. ntr. of pungo, to prick, used as noun]
p. ce´cum the blind spot in the visual field corresponding to the location of the optic disk.
p. coxa´le the highest point of the crest of the ilium.
p. doloro´sum See Valleix's points, under point.
lacrimal p. the minute circular opening of the lacrimal canaliculus, on the margin of each eyelid near the medial commissure.p. lacrimale [NA], lacrimal opening;
p. lacrima´le [NA] lacrimal p
p. lu´teum macula retinae
p. ossificatio´nis [NA] center of ossification
p. ossificatio´nis prima´rium [NA] primary center of ossification
p. ossificatio´nis secunda´rium [NA] secondary center of ossification
p. prox´imum (P.p.) near point
p. remo´tum (P.r.) far point
p. vasculo´sum one of the minute dots seen on section of the brain, due to small drops of blood at the cut extremities of the arteries.


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