quotient (kwo´shent)

The number of times one amount is contained in another. See also index (2), ratio. [L. quoties, how often]
achievement q. a ratio, percentile rating, or related q. denoting the amount a child has learned in relation to peers of his or her age or level of education.
Ayala's q. Ayala's index
cognitive laterality q. (CLQ) test for difference in cognitive performance of left and right sides of the brain.
growth q. the fractional part or percentage of the entire food energy which is utilized for growth in the young animal.
intelligence q. (IQ) the psychologist's index of measured intelligence as one part of a two-part determination of intelligence, the other part being an index of adaptive behavior and including such criteria as school grades or work performance. IQ is a score, or similar quantitative index, used to denote a person's standing relative to his age peers on a test of general ability, ordinarily expressed as a ratio between the person's score on a given test and the score which the average individual of comparable age attained on the same test, the ratio being computed by the psychologist or determined from a table of age norms, such as the various Wechsler intelligence scales.
Meyerhof oxidation q. an index for the effect of oxygen on glycolysis and on fermentation (i.e., on the Pasteur effect); equal to the rate of anaerobic fermentation minus the rate of aerobic respiration divided by the rate of oxygen uptake.
P/O q. P/O ratio
protein q. the number obtained by dividing the quantity of globulin of the blood plasma by the quantity of albumin.
respiratory q. (R.Q.) the steady state ratio of carbon dioxide produced by tissue metabolism to oxygen consumed in the same metabolism; for the whole body, normally about 0.82 under basal conditions; in the steady state, the respiratory q. is equal to the respiratory exchange ratio.respiratory coefficient;
spinal q. Ayala's index


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