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rabies (ra´bez)

Highly fatal infectious disease that may affect all species of warm-blooded animals, including humans, is transmitted by the bite of infected animals including dogs, cats, skunks, wolves, foxes, racoons and bats, and is caused by a neurotropic lyssavirus, a member of the family Rhabdoviridae, in the central nervous system and the salivary glands. The symptoms are characteristic of a profound disturbance of the nervous system, e.g., excitement, aggressiveness, and madness, followed by paralysis and death. Characteristic cytoplasmic inclusion bodies (Negri bodies) found in many of the neurons are an aid to rapid laboratory diagnosis.hydrophobia; [L. rage, fury, fr. rabio, to rave, to be mad]
dumb r. paralytic r
furious r. the form or stage of r. in which the animal is markedly hyperactive, characterized by periods of agitation, thrashing, running, snapping, or biting.
paralytic r. a form or stage of r. marked by paralytic symptoms.dumb r;


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