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radiograph (ra´de-o-graf)

A negative image on photographic film made by exposure to x-rays or gamma rays that have passed through matter or tissue.roentgenogram, roentgenograph; [radio- + G. grapho, to write]
bitewing r. intraoral dental film adapted to show the coronal portion and cervical third of the root of the teeth in near occlusion; especially useful in detecting interproximal caries and determining alveolar septal height.
cephalometric r. a radiographic view of the jaws and skull permitting measurement.cephalogram;
decubitus r. a r. of a recumbent subject on his side, made in the frontal projection with a horizontal x-ray beam.lateral decubitus r;
lateral decubitus r. decubitus r
lateral oblique r. a radiographic view of the mandible, revealing one side of the mandible from symphysis to condyle by displacing the other side upwards.
lateral ramus r. a radiographic view of the mandibular ramus and condyle.
lateral skull r. a true lateral projection r. of facial bones and calvarium, showing bone structures and air-containing passages.
maxillary sinus r. a radiographic frontal view of the maxillary sinuses, orbits, nasal structures and zygomas; permits direct comparison of the sides.Waters' view r;
occlusal r. intraoral section film positioned on the occlusal plane and used in visualizing entire sections of the jaw; especially useful in exploring calcifications of the sublingual salivary glands.
panoramic r. a radiographic view of the maxillae and mandible extending from the left to the right glenoid fossae.
periapical r. a r. demonstrating tooth apices and surrounding structures in a particular intraoral area.
scout r. scout film
submental vertex r. a radiographic view used to visualize lateral movements of the condyle, lateral displacement of the condyle or coronoid process, or both, and the contour of the zygomatic arches.
submental vertex r. submentovertex r
submentovertex r. a radiographic projection showing the base of the skull, positions of the mandibular condyles, and zygomatic arches.base view, submental vertex r;
Towne projection r. See Towne projection.
transcranial r. a radiographic view of the temporomandibular articulation.
Trendelenburg r. r. of a subject tilted head downwards, usually in the decubitus position; used to detect small pleural effusions.
Waters' view r. maxillary sinus r


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