radiography (ra´de-og´ra-fe)

Examination of any part of the body for diagnostic purposes by means of x-rays with the record of the findings usually impressed upon a photographic film.roentgenography;
advanced multiple-beam equalization r. (AMBER) a variant of scanning equalization r. using several x-ray beams.
air-gap r. chest r. with a space (at least 10 inches) between the subject and film. Instead of using a grid, this method uses the geometry and x-ray absorption by the air to remove scattered radiation.
bedside r. portable r
computed r. r. using a solid-state imaging device, such as a photostimulable phosphorplate, and recovering, enhancing, and displaying the image using a digital computer.
digital r. computed radiography or computer processing of a digitized image from a conventional image-intensifier and video camera. See DSA.
electron r. radiographic imaging in which x-radiation incident on the receptor is converted to a latent charge image and subsequently recovered by a special printing process; advantages include wider latitude of exposure and greater sensitivity than conventional film-screen combinations. See xeroradiography, phosphor plate.
magnification r. r. using a microfocal x-ray tube and increased subject-film distance to provide geometric magnification of the subject without unacceptable loss of sharpness and resolution or an undesirable increase in radiation exposure caused by increasing the distance between the subject and the film.
mucosal relief r. radiographic technique showing fine detail of gastrointestinal mucosa after coating it with a barium suspension and distending the organ with air or gas released from an ingested powder.
portable r. making radiographic films of a patient confined to bed by taking a movable x-ray machine to the room.bedside r;
scanning equalization r. an electronically enhanced method of radiography in which a small x-ray beam is scanned over the patient while its attenuation is measured, providing feedback to modulate beam intensity in order to equalize average x-ray film exposure.
sectional r. tomography
serial r. making several x-ray exposures of a single region over a period of time, as in angiography.
spot-film r. an x-ray of a localized region, usually under study by fluoroscopy.


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