raphe (ra´fe) [NA]

The line of union of two contiguous, bilaterally symmetrical structures.rhaphe; [G. rhaphe, suture, seam]
amniotic r. the line of fusion of the amniotic folds over the embryo in reptiles, birds, and certain mammals.
r. anococcyg´ea anococcygeal ligament
anogenital r. in the male embryo the line of closure of the genital folds and swellings extending from the anus to the tip of the penis; it is differentiated in the adult into three regions: perineal r., scrotal r., and penile r.
r. cor´poris callo´si a slight anteroposterior furrow on the median line of the upper surface of the corpus callosum.
lateral palpebral r. a narrow fibrous band in the lateral part of the orbicularis oculi muscle formed by the interlacing of fibers passing through the upper and lower eyelids.r. palpebralis lateralis [NA], palpebral r;
r. lin´guae median groove of tongue
median longitudinal r. of tongue median groove of tongue
r. medul´lae oblonga´tae [NA] the seamlike median zone of the medulla oblongata, marked by intercrossing fiber bundles among which lie scattered neuronal cell bodies.
r. nuclei See nuclei raphes, under nucleus.
r. pala´ti [NA] palatine r
palatine r. a rather narrow, low elevation in the center of the hard palate that extends from the incisive papilla posteriorly over the entire length of the mucosa of the hard palate.r. palati [NA], palatine ridge;
palpebral r. lateral palpebral r
r. palpebra´lis latera´lis [NA] lateral palpebral r
penile r. the continuation of the r. of the scrotum onto the underside of the penis.r. penis [NA];
r. pe´nis [NA] penile r
perineal r. the central anteroposterior line of the perineum, most marked in the male, being continuous with the r. of the scrotum.r. perinei [NA];
r. perine´i [NA] perineal r
pharyngeal r. the central line of the pharynx posteriorly where the muscular fibers meet and partly interlace.r. pharyngis [NA];
r. pharyn´gis [NA] pharyngeal r
r. pon´tis [NA] the continuation of the r. medullae oblongatae into the pars dorsalis (or tegmentum) pontis.
pterygomandibular r. a tendinous thickening of the buccopharyngeal fascia, separating and giving origin to the buccinator muscle anteriorly and the superior constrictor of the pharynx posteriorly.r. pterygomandibularis [NA], pterygomandibular ligament;
r. pterygomandibula´ris [NA] pterygomandibular r
r. ret´inae the horizontal line separating the superior and inferior portions of the temporal retina over which the retinal nerve fibers do not course.
scrotal r. a central line, like a cord, running over the scrotum from the anus to the root of the penis; it marks the position of the septum scroti.r. scroti [NA], Vesling's line;
r. scro´ti [NA] scrotal r
Stilling's r. the transverse interdigitations of fiber bundles across the anterior median fissure of the medulla oblongata at the decussation of the pyramidal tracts.


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