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recess (re´ses)

A small hollow or indentation.recessus [NA]; [L. recessus]
anterior r. a circumscript deepening of the interpeduncular fossa in the direction of the mamillary bodies.recessus anterior;
anterior r. of tympanic membrane a slitlike space on the tympanic wall between the anterior malleolar fold and the tympanic membrane.recessus membranae tympani anterior [NA], Tröltsch's pockets, Tröltsch's r.'s;
azygoesophageal r. the region below the azygos vein arch in which the right lung intrudes into the mediastinum between the heart and vertebral column, bordered on the left by the esophagus.
cecal r. retrocecal r
cerebellopontine r. the angle formed at the junction of cerebellum, pons, and medulla.pontocerebellar r;
cochlear r. a small depression on the inner wall of the vestibule of the labyrinth at the portion of the pyramid of vestibule, between the two limbs into which the vestibular crest divides posteriorly; it is perforated by foramina giving passage to fibers which the cochlear branch of the vestibulocochlear nerve sends to the posterior extremity of the cochlear duct.recessus cochlearis [NA], Reichert's cochlear r;
costodiaphragmatic r. the cleftlike extension of the pleural cavity between the diaphragm and the rib cage; pleural effusions collect here when in the upright position, and since the lung only partially enters, this is the site of thoracocentesis.recessus costodiaphragmaticus [NA], phrenicocostal sinus;
costomediastinal r. the recess of the pleural cavity between the costal cartilages and the mediastinum.recessus costomediastinalis [NA], costomediastinal sinus;
duodenojejunal r. superior duodenal r
elliptical r. an oval depression in the roof and inner wall of the vestibule of the labyrinth, lodging the utriculus.recessus ellipticus [NA], fovea elliptica, fovea hemielliptica;
epitympanic r. the upper portion of the tympanic cavity above the tympanic membrane; it contains the head of the malleus and the body of the incus.recessus epitympanicus [NA], attic, epitympanic space, epitympanum, Hyrtl's epitympanic r., tympanic attic;
hepatoenteric r. a peritoneal r. at the caudal end of the embryonic pneumatoenteric r.; it separates the developing liver and stomach.
hepatorenal r. the deep recess of the peritoneal cavity on the right side extending upward between the liver in front and the kidney and suprarenal behind; this is a gravity-dependent portion of the peritoneal cavity when in the supine position; fluids draining from the omental bursa drain here.recessus hepatorenalis [NA], hepatorenal pouch, Morison's pouch;
Hyrtl's epitympanic r. epitympanic r
inferior duodenal r. the variable peritoneal recess which lies behind the inferior duodenal fold and along the ascending part of the duodenum.recessus duodenalis inferior [NA], Gruber-Landzert fossa, inferior duodenal fossa;
inferior ileocecal r. a deep fossa sometimes found between the ileocecal fold, the mesoappendix, and the cecum.recessus ileocecalis inferior [NA];
inferior omental r. a recess of the omental bursa extending between anterior and posterior layers of the great omentum.recessus inferior omentalis [NA];
infundibular r. a funnel-shaped diverticulum leading from the anterior portion of the third ventricle down into the infundibulum of the hypophysis.recessus infundibuli [NA], aditus ad infundibulum;
intersigmoid r. a triangular peritoneal recess behind and below the sigmoid colon created by the attachment of the sigmoid mesocolon ascending across the left psoas then turning sharply to descend into the pelvis; the left ureter (pars tecta ureterica) passes posterior to this recess.recessus intersigmoideus [NA];
Jacquemet's r. a pouch of peritoneum between the gallbladder and the liver.
lateral r. of fourth ventricle the narrow r. of the ventricle that extends laterally over, and down along the side of, the inferior cerebellar peduncle and the overlying cochlear nuclei; at its tip it opens by way of Luschka's foramen into the interopeduncular cistern of the subarachnoid space. By way of this r., part of the choroid plexus of the fourth ventricle protrudes into the subarachnoid space.recessus lateralis ventriculi quarti [NA];
mesentericoparietal r. parajejunal fossa
optic r. a diverticulum extending forward from the anterior part of the third ventricle above the optic chiasm.recessus opticus [NA];
pancreaticoenteric r. a r. of the embryonic peritoneal cavity that develops into the adult omental bursa.
paracolic r.'s paracolic gutters, under gutter
paraduodenal r. an occasional recess in the peritoneum to the left of the terminal portion of the duodenum located behind a fold containing the inferior mesenteric vein.recessus paraduodenalis [NA], fossa venosa, paraduodenal fossa;
parotid r. parotid space
pharyngeal r. a slitlike depression in the membranous (non-muscular) pharyngeal wall extending posterior to the opening of the auditory (eustachian) tube.recessus pharyngeus [NA], recessus infundibuliformis, Rosenmüller's fossa, Rosenmüller's r;
phrenicomediastinal r. the recess of the pleural cavity between the diaphragm and the mediastinum.recessus phrenicomediastinalis [NA];
pineal r. a diverticulum from the posterior part of the third ventricle extending back between the posterior commissure and the habenular commissure.recessus pinealis [NA];
piriform r. piriform fossa
pleural r.'s three recesses of the pleural cavity, one behind the sternum and costal cartilages (costomediastinal r.), one between the diaphragm and chest wall (costodiaphragmatic r.), and one between the diaphragm and mediastinum (phrenicomediastinal r.).recessus pleurales [NA], pleural sinuses;
pneumatoenteric r. , pneumoenteric r. a r. of the embryonic celom between the right lung bud and the gut; it is normally largely obliterated before birth, leaving only the superior r. of the vestibule of the lesser peritoneal sac as a vestige.
pontocerebellar r. cerebellopontine r
posterior r. a deepening of the interpeduncular fossa toward the pons.recessus posterior;
posterior r. of tympanic membrane a narrow pocket in the tympanic wall between the posterior malleolar fold and the tympanic membrane.recessus membranae tympani posterior [NA], Tröltsch's pockets, Tröltsch's r.'s;
Reichert's cochlear r. cochlear r
retrocecal r. one of several small pockets sometimes found extending alongside the right margin of the ascending colon near the cecum.recessus retrocecalis [NA], cecal r;
retroduodenal r. a peritoneal recess occasionally found behind the third part of the duodenum, between it and the aorta.recessus retroduodenalis [NA], infraduodenal fossa, retroduodenal fossa;
Rosenmüller's r. pharyngeal r
sacciform r. 1. an extension of the cavity of the distal radioulnar articulation proximad between the two bones; 2. an extension of the capsule of the elbow joint at the neck of the radius.recessus sacciformis;
sphenoethmoidal r. a small cleftlike pocket of the nasal cavity above the superior concha into which the sphenoid sinuses drain.recessus sphenoethmoidalis [NA];
spherical r. a rounded depression on the inner wall of the vestibule of the labyrinth, lodging the sacculus.recessus sphericus [NA], fovea hemispherica, fovea spherica;
splenic r. the extension of the omental bursa toward the hilum of the spleen.recessus splenicus [NA], recessus lienalis;
subhepatic r. the part of the peritoneal cavity between the visceral surface of the liver and the transverse colon.recessus subhepaticus [NA];
subphrenic r.'s the recesses in the peritoneal cavity between the anterior part of the liver and the diaphragm, separated into right and left by the falciform ligament.recessus subphrenici [NA], suprahepatic spaces;
subpopliteal r. the extension of the cavity of the knee joint between the tendon of the popliteus and lateral condyle of the femur.recessus subpopliteus [NA], bursa of popliteus;
superior azygoesophageal r. the region above the azygos vein arch in which the right lung is in contact with the esophagus.
superior duodenal r. a peritoneal recess extending upward behind the superior duodenal fold.recessus duodenalis superior [NA], duodenojejunal fossa, duodenojejunal r., Jonnesco's fossa, superior duodenal fossa;
superior ileocecal r. a shallow pouch occasionally existing between the terminal ileum, the cecum, and the ileocolic artery when the latter is present.recessus ileocecalis superior [NA];
superior r. of lesser peritoneal sac See pneumatoenteric r.
superior omental r. a portion of the vestibule of the bursa omentalis that extends upward between the inferior vena cava and the esophagus.recessus superior omentalis [NA];
superior r. of tympanic membrane a space in the mucous membrane on the inner surface of the tympanic membrane between the flaccid part of the membrane and the neck of the malleus.recessus membranae tympani superior [NA], Prussak's pouch, Prussak's space;
suprapineal r. a variable diverticulum from the posterior portion of the third ventricle of the brain, running backward some distance above and beyond the pineal r.recessus suprapinealis [NA];
supratonsillar r. supratonsillar fossa
triangular r. an occasional evagination of the anterior wall of the third ventricle of the brain between the anterior commissure and the diverging pillars of the fornix.recessus triangularis;
Tröltsch's r.'s anterior r. of tympanic membrane, posterior r. of tympanic membrane
tubotympanic r. the dorsal portion of the embryonic first endodermal pharyngeal pouch; it develops into the middle ear cavity.


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