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relation (re-la´shun)

1. An association or connection between or among people or objects. See also relationship. 2. In dentistry, the mode of contact of teeth or the positional relationship of oral structures. [L. relatio, a bringing back]
acquired centric r. See centric jaw r.
acquired eccentric r. an eccentric r. that is assumed by habit in order to bring the teeth into occlusion.
buccolingual r. the position of a space or tooth in r. to the tongue and the cheek.
centric jaw r. , centric r. 1. the most retruded physiologic r. of the mandible to the maxillae to and from which the individual can make lateral movements; it is a condition which can exist at various degrees of jaw separation, and it occurs around the terminal hinge axis; 2. the most posterior r. of the mandible to the maxillae at the established vertical r. See also eccentric r.median retruded r., median r;
dynamic r.'s relative movements between two objects, e.g., the relationship of the mandible to the maxillae.
eccentric r. any r. of the mandible to the maxillae other than centric r.eccentric position;
intermaxillary r. maxillomandibular r
maxillomandibular r. any one of the many r.'s of the mandible to the maxillae, e.g., centric jaw r., eccentric r.intermaxillary r;
median retruded r. , median r. centric jaw r
occluding r. the jaw r. at which the opposing teeth occlude.
protrusive r. the r. of the mandible to the maxillae when the lower jaw is thrust forward.
protrusive jaw r. a jaw r. resulting from a protrusion of the mandible.
rest r. the postural r. of the mandible to the maxillae when the patient is resting comfortably in the upright position and the condyles are in a neutral unstrained position in the glenoid jaw r., unstrained jaw r;
rest jaw r. rest r
ridge r. the positional r. of the mandibular ridge to the maxillary ridge.
static r.'s relationship between two parts that are not in motion.
unstrained jaw r. rest r


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