relationship (re-la´shun-ship)

The state of being related, associated, or connected.
blood r. consanguinity
dose-response r. r. in which a change in the amount, intensity, or duration of exposure is associated with a change in risk of a specified outcome.
dual r.'s r.'s in which a health service provider is concurrently participating in two or more role categories with a patient; such dual r.'s may be benign (as when both are members of the same social group) or exploitive (a sexual r.).
Haldane r. a mathematical r. between the equilibrium constant of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction and all of that enzyme's kinetic parameters (e.g., Vmax and Km's).
hypnotic r. r. between hypnotizer, or hypnotist, and the hypnotized, or hypnotee.
object r. in the behavioral sciences, the emotional bond between an individual and another person (or between two groups), as opposed to the individual's (or group's) interest in him or herself (itself).
sadomasochistic r. a r. characterized by the complementary enjoyment of inflicting and suffering cruelty.


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