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replication (rep-li-ka´shun)

1. The execution of an experiment or study more than once so as to confirm the original findings, increase precision, and obtain a closer estimate of sampling error. 2. Autoreproduction, as in mitosis or cellular biology. See autoreproduction. 3. DNA-directed DNA synthesis. [L. replicatio, a reply, fr. replico, pp. -atus, to fold back]
bidirectional r. a situation in which DNA r. proceeds with two r. forks moving in opposite directions around a circle or D loop-type structure.
conservative r. a hypothetical form of r. in which a double-stranded DNA produces two daughter dsDNA, one of which consists of the two original strands while the other daughter DNA consists of two newly synthesized chains.
semiconservative r. r. in which a double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) produces two daughter dsDNA, each of which contains one of the original chains and one newly synthesized strand.
unidirectional r. r. in which there is movement by a single r. fork.


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