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restoration (res-to-ra´shun)

In dentistry: 1. A prosthetic r. or appliance; a broad term applied to any inlay, crown, bridge, partial denture, or complete denture which restores or replaces lost tooth structure, teeth, or oral tissues. 2. A plug or stopping; any substance such as gold, amalgam, etc., used for restoring the portion missing from a tooth as a result of removing decay in the tooth. [L. restauro, pp. -atus, to restore, to repair]
acid-etched r. the r. of tooth structure with a resin after the surface of the tooth has been treated with an acid solution that etches the tooth surface, thereby increasing retention of the r.
combination r. a tooth r. of two or more materials applied in layers.
compound r. a r. of more than one surface of a tooth.
direct acrylic r. a direct resin r. of autopolymerizing acrylic.
direct composite resin r. direct resin r
direct resin r. a direct r. made by inserting a plastic mix of auto or light-polymerized resins in a cavity prepared in a composite resin r;
overhanging r. a r. with excessive material at the junction of the r. margin and the tooth.
permanent r. a definitive r., in contradistinction to a temporary or provisional r.
root canal r. a gutta-percha, silver, or plastic cone that has been carried into a root canal, either alone or in conjunction with a cement, paste, or solvent, for the purpose of obturating the canal space.
silicate r.'s r.'s of lost tooth structure made with silicate cement.
temporary r. a r. to be used for a limited period of time, in contradistinction to a permanent r.


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