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retainer (re-tan´er)

Any type of clasp, attachment, or device used for the fixation or stabilization of a prosthesis; an appliance used to prevent the shifting of teeth following orthodontic treatment.
continuous bar r. a metal bar, usually resting on lingual surfaces of teeth, to aid in their stabilization and to act as indirect r.'s.continuous clasp;
direct r. a clasp or attachment applied to an abutment tooth for the purpose of maintaining a removable appliance in position.
extracoronal r. a r. that depends upon contact with the outer circumference of the crown of a tooth for its retentive qualities.
Hawley r. a removable wire and acrylic palatal appliance used to retain or stabilize the teeth in their new position following orthodontic tooth movement; with modifications it can be used to move teeth as an active orthodontic appliance.Hawley appliance;
indirect r. a part of a removable partial denture which assists the direct r.'s in preventing occlusal displacement of the distal extension bases by functioning through lever action on the opposite side of the fulcrum line.
intracoronal r. a r. that depends upon components placed within the crown portion of a tooth for its retentive qualities.
matrix r. a mechanical device designed to hold a matrix around a tooth during restorative procedures, usually by engaging the ends of the matrix band and drawing the band tight.
space r. space maintainer


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