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rete, pl. retia (re´te; re´she-a, -te-a) [NA]

1. network (1) 2. A structure composed of a fibrous network or mesh. [L. a net]
r. acromia´le [NA] acromial arterial network
r. arterio´sum [NA] arteriolar network
r. articula´re cu´biti [NA] articular vascular network of elbow
r. articula´re ge´nus [NA] articular vascular network of knee
r. calca´neum [NA] calcaneal arterial network
r. cana´lis hypoglos´si venous plexus of hypoglossal canal
r. car´pi dorsa´le [NA] dorsal carpal network
r. car´pi poste´rius dorsal carpal network
r. cuta´neum co´rii the network of vessels parallel to the surface between the corium and the tela subcutanea.
r. foram´inis ova´lis venous plexus of foramen ovale
Haller's r. , r. hal´leri r. testis
r. malleola´re latera´le [NA] lateral malleolar network
r. malleola´re media´le [NA] medial malleolar network
malpighian r. malpighian stratum
r. mirab´ile [NA] a vascular network interrupting the continuity of an artery or vein, such as occurs in the glomeruli of the kidney (arterial) or in the liver (venous).
r. ova´rii a transient network of cells in the developing ovary; homologous to the r. testis.
r. patel´lae [NA] patellar network
r. subpapilla´re the network of vessels between the papillary and reticular strata of the corium.
r. tes´tis [NA] the network of canals at the termination of the straight tubules in the mediastinum testis.Haller's r., r. halleri;
r. vasculosum articula´re [NA] articular vascular network
r. veno´sum dorsa´le ma´nus [NA] dorsal venous network of hand
r. veno´sum dorsa´le pe´dis [NA] dorsal venous network of foot
r. veno´sum planta´re [NA] plantar venous network


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