reticulum, pl. reticula (re-tik´yu-lum, -la)

1. A fine network formed by cells, or formed of certain structures within cells or of connective tissue fibers between cells. 2. neuroglia 3. The second compartment of the stomach of a ruminant, a comparatively small chamber communicating with the rumen; sometimes called the honeycomb because of the characteristic structure of its wall. [L. dim of rete, a net]
agranular endoplasmic r. endoplasmic r. that is lacking in ribosomal granules; involved in synthesis of complex lipids and fatty acids, detoxification of drugs, carbohydrate synthesis, and sequestering of Ca++.smooth-surfaced endoplasmic r;
Ebner's r. a network of nucleated cells in the seminiferous tubules.
endoplasmic r. (ER) the network of cytoplasmic tubules or flattened sacs (cisternae) with (rough ER) or without (smooth ER) ribosomes on the surface of their membranes in eukaryotes.endomembrane system;
Golgi internal r. Golgi apparatus
granular endoplasmic r. endoplasmic r. in which ribosomal granules are applied to the cytoplasmic surface of the cisternae; involved in the synthesis and secretion of protein via membrane-bound vesicles to the extracellular space.chromidial substance, ergastoplasm, rough-surfaced endoplasmic r;
Kölliker's r. neuroglia
rough-surfaced endoplasmic r. granular endoplasmic r
sarcoplasmic r. the endoplasmic r. of skeletal and cardiac muscle; the complex of vesicles, tubules, and cisternae forming a continuous structure around striated myofibrils, with a repetition of structure within each sarcomere.
smooth-surfaced endoplasmic r. agranular endoplasmic r
stellate r. a network of epithelial cells disposed in a fluid-filled compartment in the center of the enamel organ between the outer and inner enamel epithelium.
trabecular r. the network of fibers (pectinate ligaments) at the iridocorneal angle between the anterior chamber of the eye and the venous sinus of the sclera; it contains spaces between the fibers that are involved in drainage of the aqueous humor, and is composed of two portions: the corneoscleral part, the part attached to the sclera, and the uveal part, the part attached to the iris.r. trabeculare sclerae [NA], Gerlach's valvula, Hueck's ligament, ligamentum annulare bulbi, pectinate ligaments of iridocorneal angle, pillar of iris, trabecular meshwork, trabecular network, trabecular zone;
r. trabecula´re sclerae [NA] trabecular r
trans-Golgi r. that part of the Golgi apparatus that takes newly processed proteins and delivers them to secretory vesicles that will fuse with other biomembranes (e.g., the plasma membrane).


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