aspartate (as-par´tat)

A salt or ester of aspartic acid.
a. aminotransferase (AST) an enzyme catalyzing the reversible transfer of an amine group from l-glutamic acid to oxaloacetic acid, forming a-ketoglutaric acid and l-aspartic acid; a diagnostic aid in viral hepatitis and in myocardial infarctions.a. transaminase, glutamic-aspartic transaminase, glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase, serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase;
a. ammonia-lyase a nonmammalian enzyme catalyzing the conversion of l-aspartic acid to fumaric acid, splitting out ammonia.aspartase, fumaric aminase;
a. carbamoyltransferase an enzyme catalyzing formation of ureidosuccinate (N-carbamoyl-l-aspartate) and Pi by the transfer of a carbamoyl moiety from carbamoylphosphate to the amino group of l-aspartate; participates in pyrimidine biosynthesis.
a. kinase an enzyme catalyzing the phosphorylation by ATP of l-aspartate to form 4-phospho-l-aspartate (beta-aspartyl phosphate) and ADP.
a. transaminase a. aminotransferase


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