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retrovirus (re´tro-vI´rus)

Any virus of the family Retroviridae.Retroviruses are potent disease agents (HIV belongs to this family), but they have also proven invaluable research tools in molecular biology. In 1979, molecular biologist Richard Mulligan used a genetically altered retrovirus to trigger the production of hemoglobin in vitro by monkey kidney cells. His technique for using retroviruses to import alien genes into cells has been widely adopted in the laboratory. Medical researchers have also explored retroviral transport as a means of gene therapy. A pioneer experiment was performed in 1990, when two patients with adenosine deaminase deficiency were treated with altered leukemia retroviruses. However, evidence exists that retroviruses may play a role in carcinogenesis, raising a question concerning the safety of their use in gene therapy. (See oncogene)


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