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reversal (re-ver´sal)

1. A turning or changing to the opposite direction, as of a process, disease, symptom, or state. 2. The changing of a dark line or a bright one of the spectrum into its opposite. 3. Denoting the difficulty of some persons in distinguishing the lower case printed or written letter p from q or g, b from d, or s from z. 4. In psychoanalysis, the change of an instinct or affect into its opposite, as from love into hate. [L. re-verto, pp. -versus, to turn back or about]
adrenaline r. epinephrine r
epinephrine r. the fall in blood pressure produced by epinephrine when given following blockage of a-adrenergic receptors by an appropriate drug such as phenoxybenzamine; the vasodilation reflects the ability of epinephrine to activate beta-adrenergic receptors which, in vascular smooth muscle, are inhibitory; in the absence of a-receptor blockade, the beta-receptor activation by epinephrine is masked by its predominant action on vascular a-receptors, which causes vasoconstriction.adrenaline r;
narcotic r. the use of narcotic antagonists, such as naloxone, to terminate the action of narcotics.
pressure r. cessation of anesthesia by hyperbaric pressure; of major importance in understanding the mode of action of anesthetics.
relaxant r. use of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors to terminate the action of nondepolarizing neuromuscular relaxants.
sex r. a process whereby the sexual identity of an individual is changed from one sex to the other (e.g., by a combination of surgical, pharmacologic, and psychiatric procedures); it may also occur in the life history of pseudohermaphroditic individuals whose sex at birth was uncertain; initially reared as members of one gender or sex role, such individuals may, upon subsequent medical examination and advice, be reared thereafter as members of the opposite gender or sex role.


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