rickets (rik´ets)

A disease due to vitamin-D deficiency and characterized by overproduction and deficient calcification of osteoid tissue, with associated skeletal deformities, disturbances in growth, hypocalcemia, and sometimes tetany; usually accompanied by irritability, listlessness, and generalized muscular weakness; fractures are frequent.infantile osteomalacia, juvenile osteomalacia, rachitis; [E. wrick, to twist]
acute r. hemorrhagic r
adult r. osteomalacia
celiac r. arrested growth, and osseous deformities associated with defective absorption of fat and calcium in celiac disease.
familial hypophosphatemic r. vitamin D-resistant r
hemorrhagic r. bone changes seen in infantile scurvy, consisting of subperiosteal hemorrhage and deficient osteoid tissue formation; often used to indicate simultaneous occurrence of r. and scurvy.acute r;
hereditary hypophosphatemic r. with hypercalciuria, an inherited disorder in which there is a defect in renal tubular reabsorption.
late r. osteomalacia
refractory r. r. that does not respond to treatment with usual doses of vitamin D and adequate dietary calcium and phosphorus. Most often due to inherited renal tubular disorder e.g., Fanconi syndrome.
renal r. a form of r. occurring in children in association with and apparently caused by renal disease with hyperphosphatemia.pseudorickets, renal fibrocystic osteosis, renal infantilism, renal osteitis fibrosa;
scurvy r. infantile scurvy
vitamin D-resistant r. a group of disorders characterized by hypophosphatemic osteomalacia; heritable renal tubular disorders and abnormalities in vitamin-D metabolism occur in some patients. There is an autosomal dominant form [MIM*193100] and an X-linked form [MIM*307800]; neither is responsive to standard therapeutic doses of vitamin D, but they may respond to very large doses of phosphate and of vitamin D. There is also an autosomal recessive form [MIM*277440] which is apparently due to end organ insensitivity.familial hypophosphatemic r;


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