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rima, gen and pl. rimae (rI´ma, rI´me) [NA]

A slit or fissure, or narrow elongated opening between two symmetrical parts. [L. a slit]
r. glot´tidis [NA] the interval between the true vocal cords.glottis vera, r. vocalis, true glottis;
r. o´ris [NA] the mouth slit; the aperture of the mouth.oral fissure;
r. palpebra´rum [NA] the lid slit, or fissure between the eye lids.palpebral fissure;
r. puden´di [NA] pudendal cleft
r. respirato´ria r. vestibuli
r. vestib´uli [NA] the interval between the false vocal cords or vestibular folds.false glottis, glottis spuria, r. respiratoria;
r. voca´lis r. glottidis
r. vul´vae pudendal cleft


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