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role (rol)

The pattern of behavior that a person exhibits in relationship to significant persons in his or her life; it has its roots in childhood and is influenced by significant people with whom the person has or had primary relationships. [Fr.]
complementary r. a r. in which the behavior pattern conforms with the expectations and demands of other people.
gender r. the sex of a child assigned by a parent; when opposite to the child's anatomical sex (e.g., due to genital ambiguity at birth or to the parents' strong wish for a child of the opposite sex), the basis is set for postpubertal dysfunctions. See sex r., sex reversal.
noncomplementary r. a r. that does not conform with the expectations and demands of other people.
sex r. the degree to which an individual acts out a stereotypical masculine or feminine r. in everyday behavior. Cf. gender r.
sick r. in medical sociology, the familially or culturally accepted behavior pattern or r. which one is permitted to exhibit during illness or disability, including sanctioned absence from school or work and a submissive, dependent relationship to family, health care personnel, and significant others.


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