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association (a-so-se-a´shun)

1. A connection of persons, things, or ideas by some common factor. 2. A functional connection of two ideas, events, or psychological phenomena established through learning or experience. See also conditioning. 3. Statistical dependence between two or more events, characteristics, or other variables. [L. as-socio, pp. -sociatus, to join to; ad + socius, companion]
clang a. psychic a.'s resulting from sounds; often encountered in the manic phase of manic-depressive psychosis.
dream a.'s the memories and emotions mentioned by a patient trying to understand a dream at the request of a psychoanalyst.
free a. an investigative psychoanalytic technique in which the patient verbalizes, without reservation or censor, the passing contents of his or her mind; the verbalized conflicts that emerge constitute resistances that are the basis of the psychoanalyst's interpretations.
genetic a. the occurrence together in a population, more often than can be readily explained by chance, of two or more traits of which at least one is known to be genetic.
loose a.'s a manifestation of a thought disorder whereby the patient's responses do not relate to the interviewer's questions or one paragraph, sentence, or phrase is not logically connected to those that occur before or after.


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