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sacculus, pl. sacculi (sak´yu-lus, -lI)

1. [NA] The smaller of the two membranous sacs in the vestibule of the labyrinth, lying in the spherical recess; it is connected with the cochlear duct by a very short tube, the ductus reuniens, and with the utriculus by the beginning of the ductus endolymphaticus and the ductus utriculosaccularis that joins it. 2. The immense bag-shaped structure formed by peptidoglycans as part of the cell wall of certain microorganisms.saccule, s. proprius, s. vestibuli; [L. dim. of saccus, sac]
s. alveola´ris, pl. sacculi alveola´res [NA] alveolar sac
s. commu´nisutricle
s. endolymphat´icusendolymphatic sac
s. lacrima´lislacrimal sac
s. laryn´gis [NA] saccule of larynx
s. pro´priussacculus
s. vestib´ulisacculus


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