asthma (az´ma)

Originally, a term used to mean "difficult breathing"; now used to denote bronchial a. [G.]
atopic a. bronchial a. due to atopy.
bronchial a. a condition of the lungs in which there is widespread narrowing of airways, varying over short periods of time either spontaneously or as a result of treatment, due in varying degrees to contraction (spasm) of smooth muscle, edema of the mucosa, and mucus in the lumen of the bronchi and bronchioles; these changes are caused by the local release of spasmogens and vasoactive substances (e.g., histamine, or certain leukotrienes or prostaglandins) in the course of an allergic process.
bronchitic a. a. precipitated by bronchitis.catarrhal a;
cardiac a. an asthmatic attack, the bronchoconstriction being secondary to the pulmonary congestion and edema of left ventricular failure.
catarrhal a. bronchitic a
cotton-dust a. byssinosis
dust a. a. aggravated by inhalation of dust, especially seen as occupational disease resulting from cotton dust.
extrinsic a. bronchial a. resulting from an allergic reaction to foreign substances, such as inhaled particles, vapors, or gases, or ingested foods, beverages, or drugs.
food a. a. caused by allergic reaction to a dietary item.
hay a. an asthmatic stage of hay fever.
intrinsic a. bronchial a. in which no extrinsic causes can be identified, and which is assumed to be due to an endogenous process, possibly allergic.
miller's a. a. caused by flour or grain allergens.
miner's a. the dyspnea of anthracosis or other pneumoconioses in miners.
nervous a. a. precipitated by psychic stress.
reflex a. a. occurring as a reflex in disease of the viscera, the nose, or other parts.
spasmodic a. a. due to spasm of the bronchioles.
steam-fitter's a. a. associated with asbestosis acquired by exposure to asbestos-insulated heating and plumbing components.
stripper's a. a. associated with byssinosis.
summer a. a. associated with hay fever or allergy to summer vegetation.


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