scarlatina (skar´la-te´na)

An acute exanthematous disease, caused by infection with streptococcal organisms producing erythrogenic toxin, marked by fever and other constitutional disturbances, and a generalized eruption of closely aggregated points or small macules of a bright red color followed by desquamation in large scales, shreds, or sheets; mucous membrane of the mouth and fauces is usually also involved.scarlet fever; [through It. fr. Mediev. L. scarlatum, scarlet, a scarlet cloth]
anginose s., s. angino´saa form of s. in which the throat affection is unusually severe.Fothergill's disease (2) ;
s. hemorrhag´icaa form of s. in which blood extravasates into the skin and mucous membranes, giving to the eruption a dusky hue; frequent bleeding from the nose and into the intestine also occurs.
s. la´tens, latent s.a form of s. in which the rash is absent, but other complications of streptococcal infection occur, such as acute nephritis.
s. malig´naa severe scarlet fever in which the patient is quickly overcome with the intensity of the systemic intoxication.
s. rheumat´icadengue
s. sim´plexa mild form of the disease.


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