school (skul)

A set of beliefs, teachings, methods, etc. [O. E. scol]
biometrical s.a group of British geneticists, followers of Galton and Karl Pearson, whose approach to genetics was quantitative rather than enumerative.
dogmatic s.ancient Greek s. or tradition in medicine whose members were the successors to or followers of Hippocrates; they based their conceptions of disease upon the humoral theory and their practice upon experience and sound reasoning, and were comparatively free from fads, speculative theories, and dogma, which the term dogmatic falsely implies.
dynamic s.a group of theorists founded by Stahl, who professed the belief that all vital action is the result of an internal force independent of anything external to the body.
hippocratic s.the followers of the teachings of Hippocrates. See also dogmatic s.
iatromathematical s.a group of academicians, of whom Descartes was one of the foremost proponents, who maintained that all physiologic processes were the result of physical laws.mechanistic s;
mechanistic s.iatromathematical s


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