score (skor)

An evaluation, usually expressed numerically, of status, achievement, or condition in a given set of circumstances. [M. E. scor, notch, tally]
APACHE s.Acute physiology and chronic health evaluation. The most widely used method of assessing the severity of illness in acutely ill patients in intensive care units.
Apgar s.evaluation of a newborn infant's physical status by assigning numerical values (0 to 2) to each of 5 criteria: 1) heart rate, 2) respiratory effort, 3) muscle tone, 4) response stimulation, and 5) skin color; a score of 8 to 10 indicates the best possible condition.
Dubowitz s.a method of clinical assessment of gestational age in the newborn that includes neurological criteria for the infant's maturity and other physical criteria to determine the gestational age of the infant; useful from birth to 5 days of life.
Gleason's s. See Gleason's tumor grade.
raw s.the actual s., measurement, or value obtained before any statistics are applied to it. Cf. standard s.
recovery s.a number expressing the condition of an infant at various stipulated intervals greater than 1 minute after birth and based on the same features assessed by the Apgar s. at 60 seconds after birth.
standard s.a statistically referenced or derived s. representing the deviation of a raw s. from its mean in standard deviation units.
symptom s.American Urological Association's scoring system to evaluate prostatic obstruction.


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