sensation (sen-sa´shun)

A feeling; the translation into consciousness of the effects of a stimulus exciting any of the organs of sense. [L. sensatio, perception, feeling, fr. sentio, to perceive, feel]
cincture s.zonesthesia
delayed s.a s. that is not perceived until the lapse of an appreciable interval following the application of the stimulus.
general s.a s. referred to the body as a whole rather than to any particular part.
girdle s.zonesthesia
objective s.a s. caused by a verifiable stimulus.
primary s.a s. that is the direct result of a stimulus.
referred s.a s. felt in one place in response to a stimulus applied in another.reflex s., transferred s;
reflex s.referred s
special s.a s. referred to a stimulus produced by an external body and acting on any of the sense organs.
subjective s.a s. not readily referrable to a denotably verifiable stimulus.
transferred s.referred s


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