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sense (sens)

The faculty of perceiving any stimulus. [L. sentio, pp. sensus, to feel, to perceive]
color s.the ability to perceive variations in hue, luminosity, and saturation of light.
s. of equilibriumthe s. that makes possible a normal physiologic posture.static s;
geometrical or other of two directions along a curve in which something is moving e.g., clockwise or counterclockwise.
joint s.articular sensibility
kinesthetic s.myesthesia
light s.the ability to perceive variations in the degree of light or brightness.
muscular s.myesthesia
obstacle s.the ability, often found in the blind, to avoid objects without visual warning.
position s.posture s
posture s.the ability to recognize the position in which a limb is passively placed, with the eyes closed.position s;
pressure s.the faculty of discriminating various degrees of pressure on the surface.baresthesia, piesesthesia;
seventh s.visceral s
sixth s.cenesthesia
space s.the faculty of perceiving the relative positions of objects in the external world.
special of the five senses related respectively to the organs of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.
static s.s. of equilibrium
tactile s.touch (1)
temperature s.thermoesthesia
thermal s., thermic s.thermoesthesia
time s.the faculty by which the passage of time is appreciated.
visceral s.the perception of the existence of the internal organs.seventh s., splanchnesthesia, splanchnesthetic sensibility;
weight s.weight sweight s;


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