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sensibility (sen-si-bil´i-te)

The consciousness of sensation; the capability of perceiving sensible stimuli. [L. sensibilitas]
articular s.appreciation of sensation in joint surfaces.arthresthesia, joint sense;
bone s.pallesthesia
cortical s.the integration of sensory stimuli by the cerebral cortex.
deep s.bathyesthesia, myesthesia
dissociation s.the loss of the pain and the thermal senses with preservation of tactile sensibility or vice versa.
electromuscular s.s. of muscular tissue to stimulation by electricity.
epicritic s. See epicritic.
mesoblastic s.myesthesia
pallesthetic s.pallesthesia
proprioceptive s. See proprioceptive.
protopathic s. See protopathic.
splanchnesthetic s.visceral sense
vibratory s.pallesthesia


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