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sensitization (sen´si-ti-za´shun)

Immunization, especially with reference to antigens (immunogens) not associated with infection; the induction of acquired sensitivity or of allergy.
autoerythrocyte s. See autoerythrocyte sensitization syndrome.
covert s.aversive conditioning or training to rid onself of an unwanted behavior during which the patient is taught to imagine unpleasant and related aversive consequences while engaging in the unwanted habit.
photodynamic s.the action by which certain substances, notably fluorescing dyes (acridine, eosin, methylene blue, rose bengal) absorb visible light and emit the energy at wavelengths that are deleterious to microbes or other organisms in the dye-containing suspension, or selectively destroy cancer cells sensitized by intravenous porphyrin and exposed to red laser light.photosensitization (2) ;


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