sore (sor)

1. A wound, ulcer, or any open skin lesion. 2. Painful; aching; tender. [A.S. sar]
bay s.chiclero ulcer
bed s. See bedsore.
canker s.'saphtha (2)
cold s.colloquialism for herpes simplex.
Delhi s.Oriental s
desert s.any of a variety of chronic nonspecific cutaneous ulcers, most commonly on the shins, knees, hands, and forearms, and probably a variant of ecthyma, that occur in tropical and desert areas.Barcoo rot, veldt s;
fungating s.a granulating chancroid.
hard s.chancre
Lahore s.Oriental s
Natal's s.lesion of cutaneous leishmaniasis.
Oriental s.Oriental ulcerDelhi s., Lahore s;
pressure s.decubitus ulcer
soft s.chancroid
summer s.'scutaneous habronemiasis
tropical s.cutaneous leishmaniasis
tropical soretropical ulcer
veldt s.desert s
venereal s.chancroid
water s.cutaneous ancylostomiasis


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