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spina, gen and pl. spinae (spI´na, -ne)

1. [NA] vertebral column 2. vertebral column [L. a thorn, the backbone, spine]
s. angula´rissphenoidal spine
s. bif´idaembryologic failure of fusion of one or more vertebral arches; subtypes of spina bifida are based upon degree and pattern of deformity associated with neuroectoderm involvement.hydrocele spinalis, schistorrhachis;
s. bif´ida aper´tas. bifida cystica
s. bif´ida cys´ticas. bifida associated with a meningeal cyst (meningocele) or a cyst containing both meninges and spinal cord (meningomyelocele) or only spinal cord (myelocele).s. bifida aperta, s. bifida manifesta;
s. bif´ida manifes´tas. bifida cystica
s. bif´ida occul´tas. bifida in which there is a spinal defect, but no protrusion of the cord or its membrane, although there is often some abnormality in their development.
s. dorsa´lisvertebral column
s. fronta´liss, nasalis ossis frontalis.
s. hel´icis [NA] spine of helix
s. ili´aca ante´rior infe´rior [NA] anterior inferior iliac spine
s. ili´aca ante´rior supe´rior [NA] anterior superior iliac spine
s. ili´aca poste´rior infe´rior [NA] posterior inferior iliac spine
s. ili´aca poste´rior supe´rior [NA] posterior superior iliac spine
s. ischiad´ica [NA] ischial spine
s. mea´tussuprameatal spine
s. menta´lis [NA] mental spine
s. nasa´lis ante´rior [NA] anterior nasal spine
s. nasa´lis os´sis fronta´lis [NA] nasal spine of frontal bone
s. nasa´lis poste´rior [NA] posterior nasal spine
s. os´sis sphenoida´lis [NA] sphenoidal spine
spi´nae palati´nae [NA] palatine spines, under spine
s. pe´disobsolete term for a hard or soft corn.
s. peronea´lisperoneal trochlea of calcaneus
s. pu´bispubic tubercle
s. scap´ulae [NA] spine of scapula
s. supramea´tica [NA] suprameatal spine
s. trochlea´ris [NA] trochlear spine
s. tympan´ica ma´jor [NA] greater tympanic spine
s. tympan´ica mi´nor [NA] lesser tympanic spine
s. vento´saa condition occasionally seen in tuberculosis or tuberculous dactylitis, in which there is absorption of bone bordering the medulla, with a new deposit under the periosteum, resulting in a change that is suggestive of bone being inflated with gas.


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