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spindle (spin´dl)

In anatomy and pathology, any fusiform cell or structure. [A.S.]
aortic s.a fusiform dilation of the aorta immediately beyond the isthmus.His' s;
central s.a central group of microtubules (continuous fibers) that course uninterrupted, between the asters, in contrast to the microtubules attached to the individual chromosomes (s. fibers).
cleavage s.the s. formed during the cleavage of a zygote or its blastomeres.
His' s.aortic s
Krukenberg's s.a vertical fusiform area of melanin pigmentation on the posterior surface of the central cornea.
Kühne's s.neuromuscular s
mitotic s.the fusiform figure characteristic of a dividing cell; it consists of microtubules (s. fibers), some of which become attached to each chromosome at its centromere and appear to be involved in chromosomal movement; other microtubules (continuous fibers) pass from pole to pole.nuclear s;
muscle s.neuromuscular s
neuromuscular s.a fusiform end organ in skeletal muscle in which afferent and a few efferent nerve fibers terminate; it contains from 3 to 10 striated muscle fibers (intrafusal fibers) that are much smaller than the ordinary muscle fibers, are separated from them by a capsule that encloses the organ, and are innervated by the thin axon of a gamma motoneuron (gamma motor fiber); the sensory endings that occur on the intrafusal fibers are either annulospiral or flower spray endings; this sensory end organ is particularly sensitive to passive stretch of the muscle in which it is enclosed.Kühne's s., muscle s;
neurotendinous s.Golgi tendon organ
nuclear s.mitotic s
sleep s.the electroencephalographic record of 14-per-second bursts of wave frequency seen on EEG examination.


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