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atrium , pl. atria (a´tre-um, a´tre-a)

1. [NA] A chamber or cavity to which are connected several chambers or passageways. 2. a. of heart 3. That part of the tympanic cavity that lies immediately deep to the eardrum. 4. nasal a 5. In the lung, a subdivision of the alveolar duct from which alveolar sacs open. [L. entrance hall]
accessory a. cor triatriatum
auricle of a. a small conical ("ear-shaped") pouch projecting from the upper anterior portion of each atrium of the heart, increasing slightly the atrial volume. See auricle of left atrium, auricle of right atrium.auricula atrialis [NA] , atrial auricle, atrial auricula, auricle (2) , auricula (2) , auricular appendage (1) , auricular appendix, skin tag;
a. cor´dis [NA] a. of heart
a. dex´trum cordis [NA] right a. of heart
a. glot´tidis vestibule of larynx
a. of heart the upper chamber of each half of the heart.a. cordis [NA] , atrium (2);
left a. of heart a. of the left side of the heart which receives the blood from the pulmonary veins.a. sinistrum cordis [NA] , a. pulmonale;
a. mea´tus me´dii [NA] nasal a
nasal a. the anterior expanded portion of the middle meatus of the nose, just above the vestibule.a. meatus medii [NA] , atrium (4);
a. pulmona´le left a. of heart
right a. of heart right a., the a. of the right side of the heart which receives the blood from the venae cavae and coronary sinus.a. dextrum cordis [NA];
a. sinis´trum cordis [NA] left a. of heart


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