spleen (splen)

A large vascular lymphatic organ lying in the upper part of the abdominal cavity on the left side, between the stomach and diaphragm, composed of white and red pulp; the white consists of lymphatic nodules and diffuse lymphatic tissue; the red consists of venous sinusoids between which are splenic cords; the stroma of both red and white pulp is reticular fibers and cells. A framework of fibroelastic trabeculae extending from the capsule subdivides the structure into poorly defined lobules. It is a blood-forming organ in early life and later a storage organ for red corpuscles and platelets; because of the large number of macrophages, it also acts as a blood filter, both identifying and destroying effete erythrocytes.splen [NA] , lien [NA] ; [G. splen]
accessory s.one of the small globular masses of splenic tissue occasionally found in the region of the spleen, in one of the peritoneal folds or elsewhere.splen accessorius [NA] , lien accessorius, lien succenturiatus, lienculus, lienunculus, spleneolus, spleniculus, splenule, splenulus, splenunculus;
diffuse waxy s.a condition of amyloid degeneration of the s., affecting chiefly the extrasinusoidal tissue spaces of the pulp.
floating s.a s. that is palpable because of excessive mobility from a relaxed or lengthened pedicle rather than because of enlargement.lien mobilis, movable s;
lardaceous s.waxy s
movable s.floating s
sago s.amyloidosis in the s. affecting chiefly the malpighian bodies.
sugar-coated s.hyaloserositis involving the s.
waxy s.amyloidosis of the s.lardaceous s;


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