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attachment (a-tach´ment)

1. A connection of one part with another. 2. In dentistry, a mechanical device for the fixation and stabilization of a dental prosthesis.
bar clip a.'s bar-sleeve a.'s
bar-sleeve a.'s fixed bar joints or rigid bar units used for splinting abutments with removable sleeves or clips within the partial denture for supporting and/or retaining the clip a.'s;
epithelial a. junctional epithelium
frictional a. precision a
internal a. precision a
key a. precision a
keyway a. precision a
muscle-tendon a. the union of a muscle and tendon fiber in which sarcolemma intervenes between the two; the end of the muscle fiber may be rounded, conical, or tapered.muscle-tendon junction;
parallel a. precision a
pericemental a. the tissues surrounding the cementum of the tooth, i.e., the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.
precision a. 1. a frictional or mechanically retained unit used in fixed or removable prosthodontics, consisting of closely fitting male and female parts; 2. an a. that may be rigid in function or may incorporate a movable stress control unit to reduce the torque on the abutment.frictional a., internal a., key a., keyway a., parallel a., slotted a;
slotted a. precision a


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