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attack (a-tak´)

The occurrence of some disorder or episode, ordinarily with dramatic and sudden onset, such as an a. of shingles or heart a.
drop a. an episode of sudden falling that occurs during standing or walking, without warning and without loss of consciousness, vertigo, or postictal behavior. The patients are usually elderly and have normal electroencephalograms; of unknown cause.
panic a. sudden onset of intense apprehension, fear, terror, or impending doom accompanied by increased autonomic nervous system activity and by various constitutional disturbances, depersonalization, and derealization.
salaam a. nodding spasm
transient ischemic a. (TIA) a sudden focal loss of neurological function with complete recovery usually within 24 hours; caused by a brief period of inadequate perfusion in a portion of the territory of the carotid or vertebral basilar arteries.
uncinate a. uncinate epilepsy
vagal a. Gowers' syndromevasovagal syndrome;
vasovagal a. Gowers' syndrome


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