stability (sta-bil´i-te)

The condition of being stable or resistant to change.
denture s.the quality of a denture to be firm, steady, constant, and resist change of position when functional forces are applied.stabilization (2) ;
detrusor s.a detrusor that accommodates increasing bladder volume without significant increase in detrusor pressure and without involuntary detrusor contraction.
dimensional s.the property of a material to retain its size and form.
endemic s.a situation in which all factors influencing disease occurrence are relatively stable, resulting in little fluctuation in disease incidence over time; changes in one or more of these factors (e.g., reduction in proportion of individuals with immunity from exposure to infectious agent) can lead to an unstable situation in which major disease outbreaks occur.enzootic s;
enzootic s.endemic s
suspension s.a very slow sedimentation rate.


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