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sterility (ste-ril´i-te)

1. In general, the incapability of fertilization or reproduction. See female s., male s. 2. Condition of being aseptic, or free from all living microorganisms and their spores. [L. sterilitas]
aspermatogenic s.s. due to a failure to produce living spermatozoa.
dysspermatogenic s.male s. due to some abnormality in production of spermatozoa.
female s.the inability of the female to conceive, due to inadequacy in structure or function of the genital organs.infecundity;
male s.the inability of the male to fertilize the ovum; it may or may not be associated with impotence.
normospermatogenic s.male s. due to some cause other than failure to produce live, normal spermatozoa, e.g., blockage of the seminiferous passages.


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