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stigma, pl. stigmasstigmata (stig´ma, -ma-ta)

1. Visible evidence of a disease. 2. follicular s 3. Any spot or blemish on the skin. 4. A bleeding spot on the skin, which is considered a manifestation of conversion hysteria. 5. The orange pigmented eyespot of certain chlorophyll-bearing protozoa, such as Euglena viridis, which serves as a light filter by absorbing certain wavelengths. 6. A mark of shame or discredit. [G. a mark. fr. stizo, to prick]
follicular s.the point where the graafian follicle is about to rupture on the surface of the ovary.macula pellucida, stigma (2) ;
malpighian stigmasthe points of entrance of the smaller veins into the larger veins of the spleen.
s. ventric´ulione of a number of miliary ecchymoses of the gastric mucosa.


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