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stimulation (stim-yu-la´shun)

1. Arousal of the body or any of its parts or organs to increased functional activity. 2. The condition of being stimulated. 3. In neurophysiology, the application of a stimulus to a responsive structure, such as a nerve or muscle, regardless of whether the strength of the stimulus is sufficient to produce excitation. [see stimulant]
dorsal column s.electrical s., either percutaneously or by direct application of electrodes to the dorsal columns of the spinal cord.
Ganzfeld s.illumination of the entire retina in the electroretinogram. [Ger. Ganzfeld, whole field]
percutaneous s.electrical s. of the peripheral nerves or spinal cord by the application of electrodes to the skin.
photic s.the use of a flickering light at various frequencies to influence the pattern of the occipital electroencephalogram and also to activate latent abnormalities.


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