stomach (stum´uk)

A large irregularly piriform sac between the esophagus and the small intestine, lying just beneath the diaphragm; when distended it is 25 to 28 cm in length and 10 to 10.5 cm in its greatest diameter, and has a capacity of about 1 liter. Its wall has four coats or tunics: mucous, submucous, muscular, and peritoneal; the muscular coat is composed of three layers, the fibers running longitudinally in the outer, circularly in the middle, and obliquely in the inner layer.gaster [NA] , ventriculus (1) ; [G. stomachos, L. stomachus]
bilocular s.hourglass s
s. bubblethe gas in the fundus of the s. seen on an upright radiograph.
cascade s.a radiographic description: when contrast material is swallowed while the patient is in the upright position, the gastric fundus acts as a reservoir until contrast overflows (cascades) into the antrum; a normal variant in a horizontal s.
drain-trap s.water-trap s
hourglass s.a condition in which there is a central constriction of the wall of the s. dividing it into two cavities, cardiac and pyloric.bilocular s., ectasia ventriculi paradoxa;
leather-bottle s.marked thickening and rigidity of the s. wall, with reduced capacity of the lumen although often without obstruction; nearly always due to scirrhous carcinoma, as in linitis plastica.sclerotic s;
miniature s.Pavlov pouch
Pavlov s.Pavlov pouch
powdered s.the dried and powdered defatted wall of the s. of the hog, Sus scrofa; it contains thermolabile factors including native vitamin B12 and intrinsic factor; has been used in the treatment of pernicious anemia.
sclerotic s.leather-bottle s
thoracic s.a condition in which part or all of the s. is contained within the thorax; a variant of hiatal hernia.
trifid s.a condition in which the s. is divided by two constrictions into three pouches.
wallet s.a form of dilated s. in which there is a general baglike distention, the antrum and fundus being indistinguishable.
water-trap s.a ptotic and dilated s., having a relatively high (though normally placed) pyloric outlet which is held up by the gastrohepatic ligament.drain-trap s;


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