auricle (aw´ri-kl)

1. [NA] The projecting shell-like structure on the side of the head, constituting, with the external acoustic meatus, the external ear.ala auris, auricula (1) , pinna (1); 2. auricle of atrium
accessory a.'s small, fleshy nodules or folds, sometimes with supporting cartilage, occasionally found along the margins of the embryonic branchial clefts.
atrial a. auricle of atrium See also left atrium of heart, right atrium of heart.
cervical a. accessory a. on the neck.
a. of left atrium the small conical projection from the left atrium of the heart.auricula sinistra [NA] , left auricular appendage;
a. of right atrium the small conical projection from the right atrium of the heart.auricula dextra [NA] , right auricular appendage;


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