stripe (strIp)

1. In anatomy, a streak, line, band, or stria. 2. In radiography, a linear opacity differing in density from the adjacent parts of the image; usually represents the tangential image of a planar structure such as the pleura or peritoneum. See also psoas margin. [M.E.]
s. of Gennariline of Gennari
Hensen's s.a band on the undersurface of the membrana tectoria of the cochlear duct.
mallear s.stria mallearis
Mees' s.'sMees' lines, under line
pleural s.on a chest radiograph, the soft tissue s. between the opacity of the aerated lung and that of the cortex of the rib.
tracheal wall s.on a chest radiograph, the linear opacity between air in the trachea and in the right upper lobe.
vascular s.stria vascularis of cochlea


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