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stroma, pl. stromata (stro´ma, stro´ma-ta) [NA]

1. The framework, usually of connective tissue, of an organ, gland, or other structure, as distinguished from the parenchyma or specific substance of the part. 2. Aqueous phase of chloroplasts; i.e., chloroplast matrix. 3. Archaic term for mitochondrial matrix. [G. stroma, bed]
s. glan´dulae thyroi´deae [NA] s. of thyroid gland
s. i´ridis [NA] s. of iris
s. of iristhe delicate vascular connective tissue that lies between the anterior surface of the iris and the pars iridica retinae.s. iridis [NA] ;
lymphatic s.the network of reticular fibers and associated reticular cells of lymphatic tissue.
nerve s.the connective tissue supporting structures of peripheral nerve fibers, consisting of endoneurium, perineurium, and epineurium.
s. ova´rii [NA] s. of ovary
s. of ovarythe fibrous tissue of the medulla of the ovary.s. ovarii [NA] ;
Rollet's s.the colorless s. of the red blood cells.
s. of thyroid glandthe connective tissue that supports the lobules and follicles of the thyroid gland.s. glandulae thyroideae [NA] ;
s. of vitreousthe delicate framework of the vitreous body embedded in or enclosing the vitrous humor.s. vitreum [NA] ;
s. vit´reum [NA] s. of vitreous


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