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sugar (shu-ger)

One of the sugars; q.v., pharmaceutical forms are compressible s. and confectioner's s. See also sugars. [G. sakcharon; L. saccharum]
amino s.'ss.'s in which a hydroxyl group has been replaced with an amino group; e.g., d-glucosamine.
beechwood s.d-xylose. See xylose.
beet s.d-sucrose. See sucrose.
blood s. See d-glucose.
brain s.d-galactose. See galactose.
cane s.d-sucrose. See sucrose.
corn s. See d-glucose.
deoxy s.a s. containing fewer oxygen atoms than carbon atoms and in which, consequently, one or more carbons in the molecule lack an attached hydroxyl group.desoxy s;
desoxy s.deoxy s
fruit s.d-fructose. See fructose.
gelatin s.glycine
grape s. See d-glucose.
invert s.a mixture of equal parts of d-glucose and d-fructose produced by hydrolysis of sucrose (inversion).
s. of leadlead acetate
malt s.maltose
manna s.mannitol
maple s.sucrose extracted from the sap of the sugar maple, Acer saccharinum.saccharum canadense;
milk s.lactose
oil s.oleosaccharum
pectin s.d-arabinose. See arabinose.
reducing s.a s., such as glucose in the urine, that has the property of reducing various inorganic ions, notably cupric ion to cuprous ion.
specific soluble s.specific capsular substance
starch s. See d-glucose.
wood s.d-xylose. See xylose.


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