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sulcus, gen and pl. sulci (sul´kus, sul´sI)

1. [NA] One of the grooves or furrows on the surface of the brain, bounding the several convolutions or gyri; a fissure. See also fissure. 2. [NA] Any long narrow groove, furrow, or slight depression. See also groove. 3. A groove or depression in the oral cavity or on the surface of a tooth. [L. a furrow or ditch]
alveolobuccal s.alveolobuccal groove
alveololabial s.alveololabial groove
alveololingual s.alveololingual groove
s. ampulla´ris [NA] ampullary s
ampullary s.the groove on the external surface of the ampulla of each semicircular duct where the nerve enters the crista ampullaris.s. ampullaris [NA] ;
s. angula´risangular notch
anterior intermediate s.a furrow occasionally seen in the adult between the anterior median fissure and the anterior lateral s. of the spinal cord but usually present only in the fetus. It indicates the lateral border of the anterior corticospinal fasciculus.anterior intermediate groove, s. intermedius anterior;
anterior parolfactory s.a fissure marking the anterior border of the parolfactory area.s. parolfactorius anterior;
anterolateral indistinct furrow on the ventral surface of the spinal cord and medulla oblongata, on either side marking the line of exit of the anterior nerve roots.s. lateralis anterior [NA] , anterolateral groove;
s. anthel´icis transver´sus [NA] transverse anthelicine groove
aortic s.a broad deep groove on the medial aspect of the left lung above and behind the hilum receiving the arch of the aorta and the thoracic aorta.s. aorticus;
s. aor´ticusaortic s
s. arte´riae occipita´lis [NA] occipital groove
s. arte´riae tempora´lis me´diae [NA] groove for middle temporal artery
s. arte´riae vertebra´lis [NA] groove for vertebral artery
sul´ci arterio´si [NA] arterial grooves, under groove
atrioventricular s.coronary groove
s. auric´ulae ante´rioranterior notch of ear
s. auric´ulae poste´rior [NA] posterior auricular groove
basilar s.basilar pontine s
s. basila´ris pon´tis [NA] basilar pontine s
basilar pontine s.a median groove on the ventral surface of the pons varolii in which lies the basilar artery.s. basilaris pontis [NA] , basilar s;
s. bicipita´lis latera´lis [NA] lateral bicipital groove
s. bicipita´lis media´lis [NA] medial bicipital groove
calcaneal s.interosseous groove of calcaneus
s. calca´nei [NA] interosseous groove of calcaneus
calcarine s.a deep fissure on the medial aspect of the cerebral cortex, extending on an arched line from the isthmus of the fornicate gyrus back to the occipital pole, marking the border between the lingual gyrus below and the cuneus above it. The cortex in the depth of the sulcus corresponds to the horizontal meridian of the contralateral half of the visual field.s. calcarinus [NA] , calcarine fissure, fissura calcarina, posthippocampal fissure;
s. calcari´nus [NA] calcarine s
callosal s.s. of corpus callosum
callosomarginal s.cingulate s
s. callosomargina´liscingulate s
s. carot´icus [NA] carotid groove
carotid s.carotid groove
s. car´pi [NA] carpal groove
central s.a double-S-shaped fissure extending obliquely upward and backward on the lateral surface of each cerebral hemisphere at the boundary between frontal and parietal lobes.s. centralis [NA] , fissure of Rolando;
s. centra´lis [NA] central s
cerebellar sulcigrooves between the folia cerebelli; commonly called fissures in cerebellum.
cerebral sulcithe grooves between the cerebral gyri or convolutions.sulci cerebri [NA] ;
sul´ci cer´ebri [NA] cerebral sulci
chiasmatic s.chiasmatic groove
cingulate s.a fissure on the mesial surface of the cerebral hemisphere, bounding the upper surface of the cingulate gyrus (callosal convolution); the anterior portion is called the pars subfrontalis; the posterior portion which curves up to the superomedial margin of the hemisphere and borders the paracentral lobule posteriorly, the pars marginalis.s. cinguli [NA] , callosomarginal fissure, callosomarginal s., s. callosomarginalis, s. of cingulum;
s. cin´guli [NA] cingulate s
s. of cingulumcingulate s
circular s. of insulaa semicircular fissure demarcating the insula from the opercula above, below, and behind.s. circularis insulae [NA] , circular s. of Reil, limiting s. of Reil;
s. circula´ris in´sulae [NA] circular s. of insula
circular s. of Reilcircular s. of insula
collateral s.a long, deep sagittal fissure on the undersurface of the temporal lobe, marking the border between the fusiform gyrus laterally and the hippocampal and lingual gyri medially; the great depth of the collateral s. results in a bulging of the floor of the occipital and temporal horn of the lateral ventricle, the collateral eminence.s. collateralis [NA] , s. occipitotemporalis [NA] , collateral fissure, fissura collateralis, occipitotemporal s;
s. collatera´lis [NA] collateral s
s. corona´rius [NA] coronary groove
coronary s.coronary groove
s. cor´poris callo´si [NA] s. of corpus callosum
s. of corpus callosumthe fissure between the corpus callosum and the cingulate gyrus.s. corporis callosi [NA] , callosal s;
s. cos´tae [NA] costal groove
s. costae arte´riae subcla´viae [NA] costal groove for subclavian artery
costophrenic s.the recess between the ribs and the lateral-most portion of the diaphragm, partially occupied by the most caudal part of the lung; seen on radiographs as the costophrenic angle.
s. cru´ris heli´cis [NA] groove of crus of the helix
sul´ci cu´tis [NA] skin furrows, under furrow
s. ethmoida´lis [NA] ethmoidal groove
external spiral s.a concavity in the outer wall of the cochlear duct between the prominentia spiralis and the spiral organ.s. spiralis externus [NA] ;
fimbriodentate s.a shallow groove between the fimbria and the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus.s. fimbriodentatus;
s. fimbriodenta´tusfimbriodentate s
s. fronta´lis infe´rior [NA] inferior frontal s
s. fronta´lis me´diusmiddle frontal s
s. fronta´lis supe´rior [NA] superior frontal s
s. frontomargina´lis See middle frontal s
gingival s.the space between the surface of the tooth and the free gingiva.s. gingivalis [NA] , gingival crevice, gingival space, subgingival space;
s. gingiva´lis [NA] gingival s
gingivobuccal s.alveolobuccal groove
gingivolabial s.alveololabial groove
gingivolingual s.alveololingual groove
s. glu´teus [NA] gluteal fold
s. for greater palatine nervegreater palatine groove
habenular s.a small groove located between the habenular trigone and the adjacent dorsal thalamus.
s. ham´uli pterygoi´dei [NA] groove of pterygoid hamulus
hippocampal s.a shallow groove between the dentate gyrus and the parahippocampal gyrus; the remains of a fissure extending deep into the hippocampus between Ammon's horn and the dentate gyrus which becomes obliterated during fetal development.s. hippocampi [NA] , dentate fissure, fissura dentata, fissura hippocampi, hippocampal fissure;
s. hippocam´pi [NA] hippocampal s
hypothalamic s.a groove in the lateral wall of the third ventricle on either side leading from the interventricular foramen to the aditus ad aqueductum cerebri; the s.-demarcated boundary between dorsal thalamus and hypothalamus.s. hypothalamicus [NA] , Monro's s;
s. hypothalam´icus [NA] hypothalamic s
inferior frontal s.a sagittal fissure on the lateral convex surface of each frontal lobe of the cerebrum demarcating the middle from the inferior frontal gyrus.s. frontalis inferior [NA] ;
inferior petrosal s.groove for inferior petrosal sinus
inferior temporal s.the s. on the basal aspect of the temporal lobe that separates the fusiform gyrus from the inferior temporal gyrus on its lateral side.s. temporalis inferior [NA] , Clevenger's fissure;
s. infraorbita´lis [NA] infraorbital groove
infrapalpebral s.the hollow or furrow below the lower eyelid.s. infrapalpebralis;
s. infrapalpebra´lisinfrapalpebral s
s. interme´dius ante´rioranterior intermediate s
s. interme´dius poste´rior [NA] posterior intermediate s
internal spiral s.a concavity in the floor of the cochlear duct formed by the overhanging labium vestibulare.s. spiralis internus [NA] ;
interparietal s.intraparietal s
intertubercular s.intertubercular groove
s. intertubercula´ris [NA] intertubercular groove
s. interventricula´ris ante´rior [NA] anterior interventricular groove
s. interventricula´ris cor´dis See anterior interventricular groove, posterior interventricular groove.
s. interventricula´ris poste´rior [NA] posterior interventricular groove
intragracile s.a fissure between the gracilis minor and gracilis posterior lobuli of the cerebellum.s. intragracilis;
s. intragra´cilisintragracile s
intraparietal s.a horizontal s. extending back from the postcentral s. over some distance, then dividing perpendicularly into two branches so as to form, with the postcentral s., a figure H. It divides the parietal lobe into superior and inferior parietal lobules.s. intraparietalis [NA] , interparietal s., intraparietal s. of Turner, Turner's s;
s. intraparieta´lis [NA] intraparietal s
intraparietal s. of Turnerintraparietal s
labial s.a furrow between the developing lip and gum.labiodental s., lip s., primary labial groove;
labiodental s.labial s
s. lacrima´lis [NA] lacrimal groove
lateral cerebral s.the deepest and most prominent of the cortical fissures, extending from the anterior perforated substance first laterally at the deep incisure between the frontal and temporal lobes, then back and slightly upward over the lateral aspect of the cerebral hemisphere, with the superior temporal gyrus as its lower bank, the insula forming its greatly expanded floor. Two short side branches, the ramus anterior and ramus ascendens, divide the inferior frontal gyrus into an orbital part, triangular part, and opercular part.s. lateralis cerebri [NA] , fissura cerebri lateralis, lateral cerebral fissure, sylvian fissure, fissure of Sylvius;
s. latera´lis ante´rior [NA] anterolateral s
s. latera´lis cer´ebri [NA] lateral cerebral s
s. latera´lis poste´rior [NA] posterolateral s
lateral occipital of several variable sulci on the lateral aspect of the occipital lobe of each cerebral hemisphere, bounding the lateral occipital convolutions.s. occipitalis lateralis;
s. lim´itans [NA] limiting s
s. lim´itans fos´sae rhomboi´deae [NA] limiting s. of rhomboid fossa
limiting s.the medial longitudinal groove on the inner surface of the neural tube separating the alar and basal plates.s. limitans [NA] ;
limiting s. of Reilcircular s. of insula
limiting s. of rhomboid fossaa lateral groove running the whole length of the floor of the rhomboid fossa on either side of the midline, representing the remains of the s. demarcating the alar (dorsal) from the basal (ventral) plate of the embryonic rhombencephalon.s. limitans fossae rhomboideae [NA] ;
lip s.labial s
longitudinal s. of heart See anterior interventricular groove, posterior interventricular groove.
lunate s.lunate cerebral s
lunate cerebral s.a small, inconstant semilunar groove on the cortical convexity near the occipital pole, marking the anterior border of the striate cortex (area 17) and considered homologous with the major s. of the same name that is a more constant feature of the cerebral cortex in monkeys and apes.s. lunatus cerebri [NA] , ape fissure, lunate fissure, lunate s., simian fissure;
s. luna´tus cer´ebri [NA] lunate cerebral s
malleolar s.groove for tibialis posterior tendon
s. malleola´ris [NA] groove for tibialis posterior tendon
s. ma´tricis un´guisthe cutaneous furrow in which the lateral border of the nail is situated.groove of nail matrix, vallecula unguis;
medial s. of crus cerebria groove in the lateral wall of the interpeduncular fossa of the midbrain from which the rootlets of the oculomotor nerve emerge.s. medialis cruris cerebri [NA] , s. nervi oculomotorii, s. of the oculomotor nerve;
s. media´lis cru´ris cer´ebri [NA] medial s. of crus cerebri
median s. of fourth ventriclethe shallow midline groove in the floor of the ventricle.s. medianus ventriculi quarti [NA] ;
median frontal s.middle frontal s
s. media´nus lin´guae [NA] median groove of tongue
s. media´nus poste´rior medul´lae oblonga´tae [NA] posterior median s. of medulla oblongata
s. media´nus poste´rior medul´lae spina´lis [NA] posterior median s. of spinal cord
s. media´nus ventric´uli quar´ti [NA] median s. of fourth ventricle
mentolabial s.the indistinct line separating the lower lip from the chin.mentolabial furrow, s. mentolabialis;
s. mentolabia´lismentolabial s
middle frontal s.a relatively shallow sagittal fissure of the brain dividing the middle frontal convolution into an upper and lower part; this s. is found only in humans and anthropoid apes; at its anterior extremity it bifurcates, the two branches spreading out laterally and constituting the frontomarginal s.median frontal s., s. frontalis medius;
middle temporal s.the s. between the middle temporal gyrus and inferior temporal gyrus.s. temporalis medius;
s. for middle temporal arterygroove for middle temporal artery
Monro's s.hypothalamic s
s. mus´culi subcla´vii [NA] subclavian groove
s. mylohyoi´deus [NA] mylohyoid groove
s. nasolabia´lisnasolabial groove
s. ner´vi oculomoto´riimedial s. of crus cerebri
s. ner´vi petro´si majo´ris [NA] groove of greater petrosal nerve
s. ner´vi petro´si mino´ris [NA] groove of lesser petrosal nerve
s. ner´vi radia´lis [NA] groove for radial nerve
s. ner´vi spina´lis [NA] groove for spinal nerve
s. ner´vi ulna´ris [NA] groove for ulnar nerve
nymphocaruncular s.a groove between the labium minor and the border of the remains of the hymen, in which is the opening of the duct of the greater vestibular gland on either side.nymphohymenal s., s. nymphocaruncularis;
s. nymphocaruncula´risnymphocaruncular s
nymphohymenal s.nymphocaruncular s
s. obturato´rius [NA] obturator groove
s. of occipital arteryoccipital groove
s. occipita´lis latera´lislateral occipital s
s. occipita´lis supe´riorsuperior occipital s
s. occipita´lis transver´sus [NA] transverse occipital s
occipitotemporal s.collateral s
s. occipitotempora´lis [NA] collateral s
s. of the oculomotor nervemedial s. of crus cerebri
s. olfacto´rius [NA] olfactory s
s. olfacto´rius cavum na´si [NA] olfactory s. of nasal cavity
olfactory s.the sagittal s. on the inferior or orbital surface of each frontal lobe of the cerebrum, demarcating the straight gyrus from the orbital gyri, and covered on the orbital surface by the olfactory bulb and tract.s. olfactorius [NA] , olfactory groove;
olfactory s. of nasal cavitythe narrow groove in the nasal cavity above the agger nasi that leads from the atrium to the olfactory area.s. olfactorius cavum nasi [NA] ;
orbital sulcia number of irregularly disposed, variable sulci dividing the inferior or orbital surface of each frontal lobe of the cerebrum into the orbital gyri.sulci orbitales [NA] ;
sul´ci orbita´les [NA] orbital sulci
s. palati´nus, pl. sul´ci palati´ni [NA] palatine groove
s. palati´nus ma´jor [NA] greater palatine groove
s. palatovagina´lis [NA] palatovaginal groove
sul´ci paraco´lici [NA] paracolic gutters, under gutter
paraglenoid s.preauricular groove
s. paraglenoida´lispreauricular groove
parieto-occipital s.a very deep, almost vertically oriented fissure on the medial surface of the cerebral cortex, marking the border between the parietal lobe and the cuneus of the occipital lobe; its lower part curves forward and fuses with the anterior extent of the calcarine fissure (sulcus calcarinus); the great depth of this combined fissure causes a bulge in the medial wall of the occipital horn of the lateral ventricle, the calcar avis.s. parieto-occipitalis [NA] , fissura parietooccipitalis, parieto-occipital fissure;
s. parieto-occipita´lis [NA] parieto-occipital s
s. parolfacto´rius ante´rioranterior parolfactory s
s. parolfacto´rius poste´riorposterior parolfactory s
periconchal s.fossa of anthelix
s. poplit´euspopliteal groove
postcentral s.the s. that demarcates the postcentral gyrus from the superior and inferior parietal lobules.s. postcentralis [NA] ;
s. postcentra´lis [NA] postcentral s
posterior intermediate s.a longitudinal furrow between the posterior median and the posterolateral sulci of the spinal cord in the cervical region, marking the gracile fasciculus from the cuneate fasciculus.s. intermedius posterior [NA] , posterior intermediate groove;
posterior median s. of medulla oblongatathe longitudinal groove marking the posterior midline of the medulla oblongata; continuous below with the posterior median s. of the spinal cord.s. medianus posterior medullae oblongatae [NA] , posterior median fissure of the medulla oblongata;
posterior median s. of spinal corda shallow furrow in the median line of the posterior surface of the spinal cord.s. medianus posterior medullae spinalis [NA] , posterior median fissure of spinal cord;
posterior parolfactory s.a shallow groove on the medial surface of the hemisphere demarcating the subcallosal gyrus or precommissural septum from the parolfactory area.s. parolfactorius posterior;
posterolateral s.a longitudinal furrow on either side of the posterior median s. of the spinal cord marking the line of entrance of the posterior nerve roots.s. lateralis posterior [NA] , posterolateral groove;
preauricular s.preauricular groove
precentral interrupted fissure anterior to and in general parallel with the central s., marking the anterior border of the precentral gyrus.s. precentralis [NA] , s. verticalis;
s. precentra´lis [NA] precentral s
prechiasmatic s.chiasmatic groove
s. prechias´matis [NA] chiasmatic groove
s. promonto´rii cavitatis tympanicae [NA] s. of promontory of tympanic cavity
s. of promontory of tympanic cavitya narrow branched groove running vertically over the surface of the promontory in the middle ear, lodging the tympanic plexus.s. promontorii cavitatis tympanicae [NA] ;
s. of pterygoid hamulusgroove of pterygoid hamulus
s. pterygopalati´nusgreater palatine groove
s. pulmona´lis [NA] paravertebral gutter
pulmonary s.paravertebral gutter
rhinal s.the shallow rostral continuation of the collateral s. that delimits the rostral part of the parahippocampal gyrus from the fusiform or lateral occipitotemporal gyrus. One of the oldest sulci of the pallium, it marks the border between the neocortex and the allocortical (olfactory).s. rhinalis [NA] , rhinal fissure;
s. rhina´lis [NA] rhinal s
sagittal s.groove for superior sagittal sinus
s. of sclerascleral s
s. scle´rae [NA] scleral s
scleral s.a slight groove on the external surface of the eyeball indicating the line of union of the sclera and cornea or limbus of cornea.s. sclerae [NA] , s. of sclera;
sigmoid s.groove for sigmoid sinus
s. si´nus petro´si inferio´ris [NA] groove for inferior petrosal sinus
s. si´nus petro´si superio´ris [NA] groove for superior petrosal sinus
s. si´nus sagitta´lis superio´ris [NA] groove for superior sagittal sinus
s. si´nus sigmoi´dei [NA] groove for sigmoid sinus
s. si´nus transver´si [NA] groove for transverse sinus
s. spino´susstria spinosa
s. spira´lis exter´nus [NA] external spiral s
s. spira´lis inter´nus [NA] internal spiral s
subclavian s.subclavian groove
s. subclavia´nussubclavian groove
s. subcla´viusgroove of lung for subclavian artery
subparietal s.a s. continuing the direction of the cingulate s. from where the marginal part of that fissure bends upward; it forms the upper boundary of the posterior portion of the cingulate gyrus.s. subparietalis [NA] ;
s. subparieta´lis [NA] subparietal s
superior frontal s.a sagittal fissure on the superior surface of each frontal lobe of the cerebrum starting from the precentral s.; it forms the lateral boundary of the superior frontal convolution.s. frontalis superior [NA] ;
superior longitudinal s.groove for superior sagittal sinus
superior occipital of several small and variable sulci bordering the superior occipital gyri on the upper aspect of the occipital lobe of the cerebrum.s. occipitalis superior;
superior petrosal s.groove for superior petrosal sinus
superior temporal s.the longitudinal s. that separates the superior and middle temporal gyri.s. temporalis superior [NA] , superior temporal fissure;
supra-acetabular s.supra-acetabular groove
s. supra-acetabula´ris [NA] supra-acetabular groove
talar s.interosseous groove of talus
s. ta´li [NA] interosseous groove of talus
sul´ci tempora´les transver´si [NA] transverse temporal sulci
s. tempora´lis infe´rior [NA] inferior temporal s
s. tempora´lis me´diusmiddle temporal s
s. tempora´lis supe´rior [NA] superior temporal s
s. ten´dinis mus´culi fibula´ris lon´gi [NA] * official alternate term for groove for tendon of peroneus longus muscle
s. ten´dinis mus´culi flexo´ris hal´lucis lon´gi [NA] groove for tendon of flexor hallucis longus
s. ten´dinis mus´culi perone´i lon´gi [NA] groove for tendon of peroneus longus muscle 2. the groove distal to the tuberosity of the cuboid bone.
terminal s.s. terminalis
s. termina´lis [NA] 1. s. terminalis linguae [NA]; a V-shaped groove, with apex pointing backward, on the surface of the tongue, marking the separation between the oral, or horizontal, and the pharyngeal, or vertical, parts; 2. s. terminalis atrii dextri [NA]; a groove on the surface of the right atrium of the heart, marking the junction of the primitive sinus venosus with the atrium.terminal s;
tonsillolingual s.the space between the palatine tonsil and the tongue.
transverse occipital s.the posterior, vertical limb of the intraparietal s.s. occipitalis transversus [NA] ;
s. for transverse sinusgroove for transverse sinus
transverse temporal sulcithe shallow sulci that demarcate the transverse temporal gyri on the opercular surface of the superior temporal gyrus.sulci temporales transversi [NA] ;
s. tu´bae auditi´vae [NA] groove for auditory tube
Turner's s.intraparietal s
s. tympan´icus [NA] tympanic groove
s. of umbilical veinthe s. on the fetal liver occupied by the umbilical vein.s. venae umbilicalis [NA] ;
s. for vena cavagroove for inferior venae cava
s. ve´nae ca´vae [NA] groove for inferior venae cava
s. ve´nae ca´vae crania´lisgroove for superior vena cava
s. ve´nae subcla´viae [NA] groove for subclavian vein
s. ve´nae umbilica´lis [NA] s. of umbilical vein
sul´ci veno´si [NA] venous grooves, under groove
s. ventra´lisanterior median fissure of spinal cord
s. for vertebral arterygroove for vertebral artery
s. vertica´lisprecentral s
vomeral s.vomeral groove
s. vomera´lis [NA] vomeral groove, vomeral groove
s. vo´meris [NA] vomeral groove
s. vomerovagina´lis [NA] vomerovaginal groove


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